The Seeds of Death


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The Seeds of Death

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First Transmitted

25 January 1969

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Regular Cast

Patrick Troughton (Dr Who), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Wendy Padbury (Zoe)

Guest Cast

Louise Pajo (Gia Kelly), John Witty (Computer Voice), Ric Felgate (Brent) [1-4], Harry Towb (Osgood) [1], Ronald Leigh-Hunt (Radnor), Terry Scully (Fewsham) [1-5], Christopher Coll (Phipps) [1-4], Martin Cort (Locke) [1-2], Philip Ray (Eldred), Alan Bennedition (Slaar), Steve Peters, Tony Harwood [2-6], Sonny Caldinez [4-6] (Ice Warriors), Derrick Slater (Security Guard) [4], Hugh Morton (Sir James Gregson) [5], Graham Leaman (Grand Marshall) [5-6].


Written by Brian Hayles
Directed by Michael Ferguson
Produced by Peter Bryant


It is the 21st Century and Earth is totally dependent on T-Mat, a revolutionary form of instant travel. When the system breaks down The Doctor and friends make a hazardous journey to the relay station on the moon only to find that it has fallen into the hands of the Ice Warriors who plan to invade Earth.

Using T-Mat, the Ice Warriors transport seed pods to Earth which burst, disgorging a deadly Martian fungus. This spreads rapidly, extracting vital oxygen from the atmosphere. Can The Doctor outwit the evil Ice Warriors and destroy the fungus in time to save a dying world?


  • The working title of this story was The Lords of the Red Planet.
  • Although Brian Hayles is solely credits as the story’s author, series script or Terrance Dicks rewrote Episodes 3 through 6 of the script, partially as he considered Hayles’s original ending lackluster and unworkable but also because originally Jamie McCrimmon was to have been replaced by a new companion called Nik by this story, but then actor Frazer Hines postponed his departure. Dicks was co-credits on the sleeve of the release for his writing duties on the serial.
  • Patrick Troughton does not appear in Episode 4 as he was on holiday when it was being recorded. A double stands in for him in some shots where The Doctor is seen unconscious on the floor.
  • Model sequences of the Earth and the Moon are used as a backdrop to the story title, writer and episode number captions at the start of each episode.
  • A prop previously seen as the TARDIS astral map, as introduced in season two’s The Web Planet, appears as one of the exhibits in Eldred’s museum of space flight.
  • Zoe’s leather outfit was primrose yellow in colour. Actress Wendy Padbury was allowed to keep it as an addition to her own wardrobe after recording of the story was completed.

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