Vengeance on Varos

Vengeance on Varos
Vengeance on Varos


“The Doctor must be eliminated. He smells the truth of things. The Dome will take care of him.”

Varos. A planet ruled by fear and increasing poverty. As its inhabitants cower by their video screens, gleaning their meagre entertainment from public executions scheduled within the mysterious Punishment Dome, the ruling officers enjoy a life of luxury, fat on their profits from the planet’s major export – the rare substance, Zyton-7. It is into this hellhole which The Doctor and Peri must go, as Zyton-7 is the only cure for the ailing TARDIS’ transpower system. Without it their future is bleak, yet obtaining it could prove fatal…

Originally transmitted on the 19th and 26th January 1985, this two part adventure starring Colin Baker as The Doctor heralds the beginning of the program’s 30th Anniversary celebrations on BBC Video.

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