The Bells of St John


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The Bells of St John

Series 7

Episode 6

First Transmitted

30 March 2013

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Series 7 Set


Series 7 Volume 2


The Bells Of St John
The Bells Of St John
The Bells Of St John
The Bells Of St John
The Bells Of St John
The Bells Of St John
The Bells Of St John
The Bells Of St John
The Bells Of St John
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Regular Cast

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Jenna Louise Coleman (Clara)

Guest Cast

Celia Imrie (Miss Kizlet), Robert Whitlock (Mahler), Dan Li (Alexei), Manpreet Bachu (Nabile), Sean Knopp (Paul), James Greene (The Abbott), Geff Francis (George), Eve de Leon Allen (Angie), Kassius Carey Johnson (Artie), Danielle Eames (Little Girl), Fred Pearson (Barista), Jade Anouka (Waitress), Olivia Hill (Newsreader), Isabella Blake-Thomas (Child Reading with Comic), Matthew Earley (Man with Chips), Antony Edridge (Pilot), Richard E Grant (the Voice)


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Colm McCarthy
Produced by Denise Paul & Marcus Wilson


The Doctor’ search for Clara Oswald brings him to modern day London, where wifi is everywhere. Humanity lives in a wifi soup, but something dangerous is lurking in the signals, picking off minds and imprisoning them. As Clara becomes the target of this insidious menace, The Doctor races to save her and the world from an ancient enemy.


  1. The title of this episode is a reference to the phone incorporated into the TARDIS police box disguise, and to the “St John Ambulance” logo on the door of this version of the TARDIS. The”Bells” part is referring to the police box phone ringing.
  2. The new Doctor Who logo used from The Bells of St John onwards.
  3. This story gives the new logo for the second half of series seven, a weathered metallic texture. This logo, unlike previously, does not change with each following episode. It has stayed in use for the remainder of the series.
  4. To keep the reappearance of the Great Intelligence a surprise, Richard E. Grant was not cred in Radio Times. He was, however, originally listed on the BBC website, but was subsequently taken down.
  5. The Doctorclaims that Time Lords have two hearts and 27 brains. He then admits that he was exaggerating about the number of brains.
  6. There’s a garage in the TARDIS.
  7. When The Doctor and Clara are talking during the Romeo and Juliet-esque scene after she wakes up, there’s a standby props continuity error. He sets the laptop on the ground. Between takes, however, the position of the screen radically changes, so that when the or put the shots together the screen goes from being perpendicular to the ground to being parallel—with no apparent way that The Doctor could have effected the change.


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