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The Day Of The Doctor


Hell Bent


The drylands were a desert region on Gallifrey, located within sight of the Capitol. Rassilon described it as a place where “nobody who matters” lived. (Hell Bent) The barn where the Doctor slept as a child was in the Drylands. (Listen, Hell Bent)

At the age of eight, young Gallifreyans would be taken from the Time Lord Academy and out into the drylands to face the Untempered Schism, an opening in the space/time continuum, in an initiation ceremony. (The Sound of Drums)

On the last day of the Last Great Time War, the War Doctor trekked across the drylands with the Moment so that he could activate it within his childhood home. (The Day Of The Doctor)

After the Twelfth Doctor escaped from his confession dial, he found himself in the drylands. Again, he walked to his former home to await Lord President Rassilon. (Hell Bent)

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