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The Cyber Controller is the one in charge of the Cybermen – he was played by Michael Kilgarrf, and recently by Roger Lloyd Pack in Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel

The character appeared in Tomb and Attack Of The Cybermen and also a redesign in the recent Age of Steel

The Cybermen evolved from the desperate tragedy of the people of Mondas. The Cyber Controller acts as their leader, an overall intelligence tasked with controlling their various imperatives.

He has knowledge of their campaigns, and has thus encountered the Doctor on more than one occasion. He is usually kept away from the frontline during the Cyberinvasions. Though with a slight modification to the standard Cyberbody, and superior knowledge and tactical skill, the Cyber Controller is as vulnerable to attack as any of the ordinary Cybermen.

Taller than the others, the Controller found in the Cyber-tombs on Telos had an enlarged, dome-shaped semi-transparent brain case lit from the inside. He also lacked the Cyberman chest unit and the Cyberman head handles, and his head was grey instead of silver. The Cyber-Controller had such authority that, upon awakening, the other Cybermen appeared to salute him

  • Whether or not the title of Cyber-Controller belongs to a unique individual or more than one (sequentially or at the same time) remains unclear.