Planet of Giants


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Planet of Giants

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31 October 1964

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Regular Cast

William Hartnell (Dr Who), Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Jacqueline Hill (Barbara), William Russell (Ian)

Guest Cast

Alan Tilvern (Forester), Frank Crawshaw (Farrow) [1-2], Reginald Barratt (Smithers) [2-3], Rosemary Johnson (Hilda Rowse) [3], Fred Ferris (Bert Rowse) [3].


Written by Louis Marks
Directed by Mervyn Pinfield/Douglas Camfield
Produced by Verity Lambert


Returning to Earth, the crew find themselves trapped in a jungle with monstrous creatures pursuing them. Soon they realise that they have become miniaturized and are indeed on Earth.

In their miniature state, they discover dangerous experiments with a totally lethal insecticide are being performed but they seem powerless to stop them.


  • The first television story since An Unearthly Child to be set in modern day England.
  • All 3 episodes exist in 16mm telerecordings.
  • Negative film prints of all 3 episodes were recovered in 1978.
  • The story went by the working title Death in the Afternoon.
  • Originally filmed as a 4 part story it was later compressed to 3 episodes at the request of Donald Wilson, BBC Head of Serials. Episode 3 was originally entitled Crisis and episode 4 was entitled The Urge to Live. The material filmed for these 2 episodes has not been retained by the BBC and it appears unlikely that it will ever be recovered.
  • The story was originally developed under the title The Miniscules which was originally intended to form episodes 2, 3 and 4 of the show, following on from An Unearthly Child.
  • The story was filmed as part of the first bloc of stories but a decision was made to hold it over as the opener for the second series.
  • This story sees the debut of Dudley Simpson, the show’s most prolific creator of incidental music.
  • This story appears to be influenced by stories such as, Gulliver’s Travels (1726), The Increditsible Shrinking Man (1957) and Silent Spring (1962).
  • A few years later, an American science fiction series called Land of the Giants would replicate the general concept of this storyline.
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