The Daleks


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The Daleks

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21 December 1963

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The Daleks
The Daleks
The Daleks
The Daleks
The Daleks
The Daleks
The Daleks
The Daleks
The Daleks
The Daleks
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Regular Cast

William Hartnell (Dr Who), Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Jacqueline Hill (Barbara), William Russell (Ian)

Guest Cast

Peter Hawkins, David Graham (Dalek Voices) [2-7], Robert Jewell [2-7], Kevin Manser [2-7], Michael Summerton [2-4], Gerald Taylor [2-7], Peter Murphy [5-7] (Daleks), Alan Wheatley (Temmosus) [3-4], John Lee (Alydon) [3-7], Virgina Wetherell (Dyoni) [3-7], Philip Bond (Ganatus) [3-7], Marcus Hammond (Antodus) [4-7], Jonathon Crane (Kristas) [4-7], Gerald Curtis (Elyon) [4-5], Chris Browning, Katie Cashfield, Vez Delahunt, Kevin Glenny, Ruth Harrison, Lesley Hill, Steve Pokol, Jeanette Rossini, Eric Smith (Thals) [7]*.


Written by Terry Nation
Directed by Christopher Barry/Richard Martin
Produced by Verity Lambert


The TARDIS, now stuck in the shape of a police box because of it’s faulty chameleon circuit, arrives on the planet Skaro inhabited by the blond Thals and the evil Daleks, both survivors of centuries of neutronic wars. After generations of mutation the Thals have become perfect human beings. The Daleks, who lost the use of arms, legs and bodies, are an evil intelligence housed in a protective metal casing.

A Thal tells Susan that his race is starving. She asks the Daleks to help but they set a trap and the Thal leader, Temmosus, is killed. In a counterattack the Daleks – powered by static electrcity from their city floors – are defeated when the current is cut off, leaving them immobile..


  1. The First appearance of the Daleks
  2. The first visit to an alien planet
  3. The series’ first monster is the dead Magneton in the petrified forest.
  4. There is a wonderfully tense scene leading up to the death of Antodus.
  5. The Doctor is apparently willing to give the Daleks the secrets of the TARDIS and of time travel if they abandon their plan to release deadly radiation onto the planet’s surface – or is he just bluffing?
  6. It was associate producer Mervyn Pinfield rather than writer Terry Nation who suggested that the Daleks should be powered by static electricity.
  7. It was director Richard Martin rather than writer Terry Nation who suggested that the Thal anti-radiation drugs should be lethal to the Daleks.
  8. William Hartnell at one point cut himself on one of the metal bands around a Dalek’s shoulder section. For all subsequent scenes these bands had sticky tape affixed along their edges as a safety measure.

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