The Horns of Nimon


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The Horns of Nimon

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First Transmitted

22 December 1979

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The Horns Of Nimon
The Horns Of Nimon
The Horns Of Nimon
The Horns Of Nimon
The Horns Of Nimon
The Horns Of Nimon
The Horns Of Nimon
The Horns Of Nimon
The Horns Of Nimon
The Horns Of Nimon
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Regular Cast

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Lalla Ward (Romana), David Brierley (K9)

Guest Cast

Graham Crowden (Soldeed), Michael Osborne (Sorak), Malcolm Terris (Co-Pilot) [1-3]*, Bob Hornery (Pilot) [1], Janet Ellis (Teka), Simon Gipps-Kent (Seth), Robin Sherringham, Bob Appleby [4]†, Trevor St John Hacker [4]† (Nimons); Clifford Norgate (Voice of the Nimons), John Bailey (Sezom) [4].


Written by Anthony Read
Directed by Kenny McBain
Produced by Graham Williams


The TARDIS lands at the site of a hyperspatial collision between two spacecraft, the Empress and the Hecate. As a result, neither ship is dimensionally stable, risking the lives of all those aboard. The Doctor, K9 and Romana offer to help out. When a crewmember is found dead, his face lacerated by huge claws, it seems something deadly has been released by the accident.

But how is the death linked to the discovery that the killer drug Vraxoin has been smuggled aboard – and where has the supply come from?

The Doctor soon realises that the aliens stored in a projection machine may hold the answers – and that the cages holding these specimens are anything but secure as the savage Mandrels, hideous swamp-creatures from the planet Eden, tear through the corridors of the helpless spaceships…


  1. The time rotor is removed, the first and only time this has occurred.
  2. This serial was supposed to have been followed by one more, Shada, however due to a strike, production of Shada was abandoned, making Horns of Nimon a premature season finale. As such it marked the end of several eras: it featured the final use of the original 1963 arrangement of the “Doctor Who theme”, from the 1967 remix by Delia Derbyshire, and the last use of the diamond-shaped series logo and”tunnel” opening sequence by Bernard Lodge, which had been in place (with some modifications) since The Time Warrior. The opening credits image of Tom Baker, now close to six years old, is also retired.
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