The Hand of Fear


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The Hand of Fear

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First Transmitted

2 October 1976

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The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
The Hand Of Fear
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Regular Cast

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)

Guest Cast

Rex Robinson (Dr. Carter) [1-2], Renu Setna (Intern), David Purcell (Abbott) [1], Roy Pattison (Zazzka), [1], Roy Skelton (King Rokon) [1, 4], Robin Hargrave (Guard) [1], Glyn Houston (Professor Watson) [2-3], Roy Boyd (Driscoll) [2], Frances Pidgeon (Miss Jackson) [2]*, John Cannon (Elgin) [2], Judith Paris (Eldrad) [3-4], Stephen Thorne (Kastrian Eldrad) [4].


Written by Bob Baker And Dave Martin
Directed by Lennie Mayne
Produced by Philip Hinchcliffe


Eldrad was once hailed as the saviour of the world of Kastria. He erected force-barriers around the planet, preventing its imminent destruction. However, when the Kastrians refused to submit to his dictatorship, he removed his force-fields, condemning an entire civilisation to a slow and agonising death. For this, the mightiest of crimes, the people of Kastria sentenced Eldrad to obliteration. Millions of years later, The Doctor’s TARDIS materialises in an English quarry.

A freak accident traps The Doctor’s young friend, Sarah Jane Smith, under tons of rock. When she is rescued, she is frantically clinging to a large stone hand. Taken to a local hospital, it soon becomes clear that Sarah has been possessed. After she goes missing – still clutching the hand – Fourth Doctor follows the trail of death and destruction to a nearby atomic power station. What strange power does the hand have over Sarah? Why has she fought her way to the very core of the nuclear reactor?

How can she possibly survive the normally lethal radiation? To answer these questions, The Doctor must travel across the galaxy to a long-dead world – after which, life will never be quite the same again…


  1. After leaving Fourth Doctor, Sarah will meet him again in The Five Doctors, Downtime, Interference: Book One and Book Two, and Bullet Time. She also appears briefly in a sequence in Millennium Shock.
  2. Sarahwhistling ‘Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me A Bow Wow’ shall have some significance when The Doctor sends her K9 Mark III in K9 and Company.
  3. In School Reunedition, Sarah finally gets to tell Tenth Doctor that it wasn’t South Croydon. It was Aberdeen.
  4. Sarah mentions giving The Doctor’s love to Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Harry Sullivan when she leaves the TARDIS. She also says she’s going to tell Professor Watson that The Doctor is alright.
  5. Sarah Jane’s home is Hill View Road, South Croydon.
  6. Eldrad has heard of the Time Lords, saying that they are pledged to uphold the laws of time and to prevent alien aggression.
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